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Flavours & Fragrances

STAY Naturals, Sri Lanka’s leading food flavour manufacturer offers a diverse selection of flavours and fragrances to choose from, ranging from food flavours to cologne fragrances, drawing from the abundance of natural flavours and fragrances that surround us and presenting them in subtle yet complex blends to heighten the experience of your discerning customers.

Providing a product that is well balanced, with an attractive flavour and fragrance is essential to boosting its appeal and marketability, as aroma and taste are powerful sensory inputs.

We have created flavours for a variety of applications through our innovative approach, which ranges from biscuits and ice cream to beverages and confectionaries. Our selection of fragrances is designed to alleviate your senses, whether to create aromatic soaps, agarbattis, perfumes, cosmetics and personal hygiene products.

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  • Black Pepper
  • Nutmeg
  • Cinnamon
Black Pepper Oleoresins
Add the flavour of black pepper oleoresins to your products.
Nutmeg Oleoresins
Aromatic nutmeg in oleoresin form to add flavour & fragrance to a range of products.
Cinnamon Bark Oil
The soothing aroma and flavour of cinnamon bark oil is ideal for soaps, cosmetics and more.