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STAY Naturals, a leading oleoresins manufacturer, offers a wide selection for all consumer palettes ranging from the sharp zest of ginger oleoresins to the flavourful spice of capsicum oleoresins. We take pride in ensuring the highest quality and convenience in the versatile world of oleoresins.

Oleoresins are naturally occurring substances which are extracted from natural spices as a concentrated mixture of essential oils and plant resin. Comprising the same properties as the original spice, oleoresins offer a great alternative to whole or ground spices.

Less concentrated than their corresponding essential oils, oleoresins stay true to subtle undertones of flavour and aroma and, as such, make for ideal additions to food preparation. Easily transported and stored, oleoresins boast of longer shelf lives than raw spices.

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  • Turmeric
Derived from the fruits of plants in the Capsicum genus, like chili peppers, this is an oily, organic resin mostly used as a culinary spice.
Commonly used as a domestic spice, cardamom oleoresin is a mix of sweet, spicy and balsamic in fragrance.
A strong aromatic and delicious spice, the cinnamon oleoresin contains volatile oil and fixed resin oils that can be used for multiple purposes.
Clove Bud
Extracted from the clove bud, our organic clove bud oleoresin is a highly concentrated oil that has domestic, medical and cosmetic uses too.
Extracted from the fruits of Coriandrum Sativum, the coriander oleoresin is largely used for medical and domestic purposes to mask the taste of certain medicines, liquors, etc.
Obtained from fennel seeds, this oleoresin has the characteristic odour and flavour of sweet fennel and is often used in food and for medical purposes.
Commonly used as a valuable flavouring agent and for certain domestic purposes, the garlic oleoresin is obtained from crushed garlic bulbs.
Representing the flavour of the spice, ginger oleoresin is its’ true essence. It can be used in food and various other purposes.
Derived from the nutmeg seed, mace oleoresin is extracted from the skin that covers the shell of nutmeg. Mace produces a delicate aroma and warm taste.
Widely used in the food industry, nutmeg oleoresin is produced from the dried seeds of Myristica Fragrans Houttyn of family Myristicaceae.
Often used solely for its red-colour to dye certain foods, our high-quality paprika oleoresin is a long lasting colour additive.
With various uses from preservatives to food flavouring, pepper oleoresin is a natural volatile oil of the island’s endemic spice.
Obtained by solvent extraction of ground turmeric, this oleoresin if only used to impart colour and aroma in certain food products.